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An All New Event for Exhibitors – The SHOT Show Expands Its Brand

Tue, Feb 28, 2017

It started with a few simple questions – How can we deepen the industry support our show already provides? How can we grow show revenue on a sold-out show? What can we do with some of the companies on our exhibit wait list? The end result was an all-new event and an expanded brand for the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor TradeshowSM (SHOT Show).

The day before the 2017 SHOT Show opened, their new event, the SHOT Week Supplier Showcase, invited industry suppliers to participate in a one day showcase highlighting the materials and equipment needed for the SHOT Show’s own exhibitors (industry manufacturers) to make new products. The target attendee base – the SHOT Show exhibitors – were already traveling to the show, so the attendance base was built in!

The SHOT Show Hits the Mark

Thu, Feb 5, 2015

How fast can you draw a firearm? How about under one second? A one-second draw is impressive to watch, and we had the pleasure of watching a world champion shooter demonstrate his skills while integrating invaluable safety tips during this year’s Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor TradeshowSM and Conference (The SHOT Show®) in Las Vegas.

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Family Ties: The Value of Connecting at Tradeshows

Fri, Jul 18, 2014

I was excited to attend my first tradeshow as a CSG staff member last June. As my flight touched down in Denver for the National Apartment Association’s annual Education Conference & Exposition, I was anxious to get to the convention center and be in the heart of the action.

Upon arriving, I immediately entered the Opening General Session where upbeat music and lighting greeted me. Clearly NAA staff and attendees were in the mood to start this tradeshow off in style! After a series of upbeat introduction videos, Michael J. Fox came out to share his story of courage, strength, and perseverance. It was truly inspirational to hear how he has defied all odds and not allowed obstacles to stop him or his illness to define him. I think this a valuable lesson we can all apply to our lives.

How to Throw a Wicked-good Show: Paht 2.

Fri, Jul 13, 2012

In my last post (that would be Paht 1 of the NAA Bahston conference recap), I talked about some of the elements of what makes the National Apartment Association’s Education Conference & Exposition such a huge success year after year. Other than my illuminating and unparalleled messaging that persuades the masses to register immediately or they will become as outdated as the 8-track tape (for those born after 1980 you may need to Google what that means), NAA also delivers on product and customer service. All of these elements combined plus innovative thinking is what makes this event such a hit. The first five I discussed last time, so here are the rest.

How to Throw a Wicked-good Show: Paht 1.

Wed, Jul 11, 2012

Every show we promote has something special, something unique. And even though there are many standard and fundamental elements that go along with any event, each show has a personality of its own. It’s what makes this job interesting. We love our jobs because we get to be part of this exciting industry and help create experiences that are enjoyed by millions of professionals each year. And just to toot our horn for one little second, there is a big advantage to partnering with an agency that specializes in marketing trade shows—that would be us—CSG Creative. Staying on top of the trends in this industry and seeing firsthand a lot of creative ideas at numerous shows allow us to share that brilliance with our clients.