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Snapchat 101

Mon, Mar 13, 2017

Don’t lower your peace-signed fingers in shame — as one of the fastest-growing social networks, Snapchat has become ubiquitous since its launch just five years ago, and is now making headlines for its recent IPO. While the app’s opening price is going through some ups and downs, one thing is certain: the game just heated up between the Snapchat and rivals Facebook and Twitter. Snapchat is known for its easy and often hilarious way to communicate with friends and family – as Snapchat says it, “second only to hanging out face-to-face.”

Red-headed leprechauns and the 100K Club.

Fri, Apr 10, 2015

NAB Show 2015 registration is still climbing towards our milestone goal of 100,000 people and everyone here in D.C. is excited about not only reaching, but exceeding the goal.  Think about a group of 100,000 people – it’s like filling a giant college football stadium to its limits! Amazing!

#Trending: Tailor Your Tweets with New Twitter Updates

Tue, Feb 24, 2015

Social media is now mandatory for businesses. At CSG, we are always trying to keep pace with the evolving social media landscape as it becomes an increasingly valuable tool that we use to not only promote our clients’ businesses, but also our own.

Recently, Twitter rolled out several new updates for 2015 that will allow for marketers to tailor their messaging directly to their target audience(s) and increase the value of their social strategies.

My thoughts on the article: “I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days. Here’s What It Did to Me”

Thu, Aug 14, 2014

I saw this article circulate on Facebook last week (ironic, right) and found it very fascinating.

I think like most people I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love seeing updates and photos from friends and family. I like getting updates from the news, celebs, and finding interesting articles/quizzes (oh those quizzes, they get me every time!). However, I hate the nasty political fights, sad stories, and if I am being truly honest, I hate how sometimes I get jealous of people I know who seemingly have the perfect life (at least that’s what it looks like online). It’s a double-edge sword and one that I try to keep in check.

New Study Reveals the Best Length for a Post Is…

Tue, Apr 22, 2014

We are often asked to share our knowledge of best practices in email subject lines, layouts, social media posts, ads, brochures and more. More often than not, we end up with too much copy. Why? Maybe people are afraid of white space or feel they need to promote everything at every opportunity.

My advice? Go against your natural instincts. Brevity and relevance are keys to success. Onsite materials  and web sites are where you want to post all the information anyone needs. Most everything else should have a targeted purpose. Be brief. Be amazing. Stand out in the noisy market by lowering your volume….of words that is.

I’m pleased to InstaMeet you.

Wed, Feb 12, 2014

I’m going to state a claim here and now. Face-to-face meetings will never go away. Our human nature makes us want to congregate, to see each other in person. Communication is mostly non-verbal so our intentions and emotions are seen only when we can meet live.

That’s great news for our trade show industry and our clients! There has been a growing trend of concern over social media’s impact on conferences. But, regardless of how much they text or communicate online, I believe even our millennial generation has the need to assemble in groups and meet in person with potential partners and friends.

In Your Face – Client Meetings versus Social Media

Thu, Sep 29, 2011

Are you still relying on face-to-face marketing or are you totally caught in the virtual web? While the debate rages on regarding which is the most effective, a lot of us in marketing continue to work at helping our clients strike a balance between the two avenues, both of which are effective routes to achieving sales goals. Whenever the next new thing arrives in the business world, there’s invariably a tendency to toss the baby out with the bathwater, but often people come to realize that integration and partnership between the old and the new is the best approach. This is especially true with such powerful approaches as personal interaction on the one hand and the unlimited possibilities of virtual communication.

Look Up World!

Fri, Apr 1, 2011

My mama used to tell me all the time how much she loves seeing my smiling face. I was thinking about that during some conference programs I’ve attended in the last year, most of them rich with social media content and topics. Social media tools for the events industry are proliferating with warp speed as all of us race to capture our piece of the space and do our best to keep our event communities active 365. It’s dizzying, really. Sometimes I think we feel the need to participate in new trends or risk damaging our brand reputation, or on a personal level, be considered really uncool—regardless of whether or not it’s good for business (or personal relationships for that matter). But even so, every event organizer, association, meeting planner, and marketing director should be asking itself how social media makes the most sense for its audience and deliver content and information to serve those needs. There are lots of tools to choose from and degrees to which you can get involved. Truth be told, it’s become clear that only a few of these tools and solutions will thrive (if history is to repeat itself).