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CSG’s resident executioner of production.

Thu, Aug 4, 2016

Executioner, trafficker, collaborator – CSG employee Marybel Sotomayor sounds like a toughie, and she is, but only when it comes to print production. As our Production Coordinator, she assists in proofreading and editing various stages of CSG documents and page layouts, opening new jobs, and creating and updating production schedules. She also collaborates with colleagues and clients, and other supreme powers, and executes a host of tasks. And she can do all this in English or Spanish with equal ease.Marybel3

Q: You’ve lived and worked in quite a variety of places: Puerto Rico, Miami, Orlando, the Florida Keys, Virginia, do you still enjoy travel?

Hocus Focus – Make Magic with Your Tradeshow Pix

Mon, May 2, 2011

Photographs can speak more authentically to the viewer about an event experience, not just offer a visual history of the event. Don’t waste the promotional opportunity:  look beyond the usual “ribbon cutting” shots, crowded exhibit hall aisles, awards recipients, keynote addresses, networking and education activities.

Let your photos grab the viewers and pull them into the picture. The pictures should say, “Don’t just let me tell you about what a great show it is, see for yourself! Look at those crowds. Look at those smiling faces. Don’t you want to be a part of that excitement?”   Here are some suggestions that you might consider: