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When a Hurricane Targets Your Event Location — Simply Persevere!

Tue, Oct 17, 2017

It was rough waters for the team at the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) leading up to its show this past September 19–21, in Tampa, Florida. Hurricane Harvey had just finished pounding the marine industry in southern Texas. As soon as IBEX weathered that storm, it was faced with Hurricane Irma, which began targeting IBEX’s event location just one week ahead of the show opening in Tampa. With two category 4–5 hurricanes hitting the marine industry within just a few weeks, a big question loomed over IBEX — to cancel or not to cancel?

CSG Clients Make TSNN Top List

Mon, Mar 28, 2016

Hooray for Our CSG Clients Who Made the List of the Top 250 Trade Shows in the United States from the Trade Show News Network (TSNN)!

Monday, March 28, 2016

The TSNN just released its list of the top 250 Trade Shows and we couldn’t be more proud that so many of our clients are part of the prestigious list. Please join us in congratulating everyone involved in making these industry-leading events such an extraordinary experience and let’s celebrate together with them!

#  11 – NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters) — Where dynamic innovation and cutting-edge technologies are shattering the boundaries of content and opening up limitless opportunities, and the only place to break free from conventional thinking and open your mind.

Aha to the AHI

Thu, Oct 15, 2015

Great pre-planning work by the IBEX team for its 2015 show!

One of the top reasons for attending the International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) is for marine professionals to be able to meet up and network with one another. It’s their one trade event of the year focused solely on the industry side of recreational marine products, where their attentions are not split among consumers also browsing the show. To help attendees and exhibitors make the most of this opportunity, the IBEX team packed its 2015 show with AHI moments (after-hours interactions).ibex4

Happy Hour Right on the Exhibit Floor

Mix in a little water, a little activity, and little marketing.

Tue, Oct 21, 2014

The International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) experienced a major jump in participation for its 2014 show, held September 29 – October 2 in Tampa, Florida. Attendance was up 47%, exhibits increased 15%, education had 500 more participants, and the international presence increased 35%.  How did IBEX achieve such an overwhelming, across-the-board success this year? They changed the show’s formula.

CSG's Wendy McCool Lewis tests out some new products at the IBEX Show.

CSG’s Wendy McCool Lewis tests out some new products at the IBEX Show.

The show’s organizers didn’t completely overhaul IBEX. They just mixed in a few subtle changes to refresh the show’s content, which quickly caught the interest of the industry professionals IBEX wanted to participate.