CSG’s resident executioner of production.

Thu, Aug 4, 2016

Executioner, trafficker, collaborator – CSG employee Marybel Sotomayor sounds like a toughie, and she is, but only when it comes to print production. As our Production Coordinator, she assists in proofreading and editing various stages of CSG documents and page layouts, opening new jobs, and creating and updating production schedules. She also collaborates with colleagues and clients, and other supreme powers, and executes a host of tasks. And she can do all this in English or Spanish with equal ease.Marybel3

Q: You’ve lived and worked in quite a variety of places: Puerto Rico, Miami, Orlando, the Florida Keys, Virginia, do you still enjoy travel?

A: Yes, but I would like to do it as a paid tourist. My current travel bucket list is Spain, Italy, Japan, Greek Islands, Germany, and many other countries, great places for my passion for photography, nature and, of course, food.

Q: The common thread in your jobs has been editing and proofing. How did you get your start?

A:  My dad was in advertising and as early as high school I was writing taglines for his company.  That sparked my interest and when I went to college, I majored in advertising and marketing, earning a B.S. degree at Florida International University. You could say I’m literally a black and white person in this case – I love print, paying attention to the smallest detail and seeing a project through.

Q: So is that what brought you to CSG?

A: Yes, CSG jumped out as a great fit for me. I love the built-in job diversity: applying the different client style guides, balancing the marketing message with the rules of grammar, contributing ideas – as a bit of a frustrated designer, I love being surrounded by creative people. And we work in a visually diverse universe with different fonts, colors, papers and more plus digital and print. It appeals to my precise grammar/production side and my colorful, creative side.

Q: What are your favorite pastimes?

A: I love to photograph nature most of all. I also love making collages, playing with cell phone apps for changing colors of the pictures and enhancing those (yes, that’s a hobby), and I like to create ways to bring people together.

Q: How do other people describe you?

A: Well, my husband says, “You’re funny.” I think he means “ha-ha.” My friends and coworkers say I’m kind and patient.

All of these qualities made Marybel an instant hit at CSG; she fit right in from the first day, coming in armed with puns and good humor – and only wields her executioner’s sword to remove dangling participles.

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