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CSG Clients Shine This Awards Season

Wed, Dec 21, 2016

We are thrilled that 2016 honors CSG and our clients with 14 winning entries in two competitions!

And while receiving honors is a rewarding, our greatest satisfaction is getting results. Collaboration with our clients and passion to exceed expectations enables CSG to provide award-winning service to our clients.

With these creative projects, each client’s event shines as the premier event in their industry with strong attendance and growing revenue for their association.

The following are the clients, projects and categories of the entries that brought home awards.

NAB Show Chuck Lorre Ad


Delivering the Promise of New, Now, NEXT at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2015

Thu, Jan 14, 2016

IAAPA Attractions Expo 2015 was the place to be to source what’s new, learn about what’s trending now, and get ready for what’s next in the attractions industry.

The show did not disappoint – the second largest show in IAAPA history brought together more than 32,900 attendees from more than 120 countries.IMG_4023

When we develop our core creative for our clients, we know the designs need be versatile. We use it in print and digital applications, but equally important, the client needs to be able to make it come to life on site.

Production Professionals: Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?

Tue, Jan 5, 2016

Marketers are constantly tasked with coming up with fresh content to keep their client campaigns dynamic and on the cutting edge.

Designers are challenged with keeping creative “nouveau” and current with the latest color and typography trends.654-hall-of-dreams-2

And it’s no different for production professionals charged with making a client’s print collateral stand out from year to year. The copy may be spot on, the design may look stunning, but if the piece doesn’t get noticed in all the mailbox clutter, all could be for naught!

CSG Clients Steal the Show!

Tue, Dec 22, 2015

It’s awards season again, and we are thrilled to announce that CSG and our clients have come away with 16 winning entries in three competitions! awards_16_aapa_website_zoomAnd while winning awards is wonderful, our main objective is always to collaborate with our clients to stage successful shows with strong attendance and to grow revenue for their associations. With these creative projects, our clients were able to bring in new attendees and members and enhance their brands in the marketplace. The following are the clients, projects and categories of the entries that brought home awards.

IAEE Art of the Show

A little visual inspiration!

Tue, Aug 11, 2015


Are you tired of the same old brochures and reports with loads of copy? I mean, who wants to read all that anyway. There’s got to be a better way to illustrate important information.

There is! Infographics are a big trend right now! They can add a lot of visual interest to engage the reader.

I created this infographic in a brochure for NTP's new show, SpaceCom.

I created this infographic in a brochure for NTP’s new show, SpaceCom.

  • Use them in small amounts throughout a brochure to break up the copy
  • Use them on your web site to communicate specific stats or call outs

Torpedoes of Inspiration

Wed, Jun 3, 2015

What do you do when you are a creative team and need some inspiration? There are many places, objects, projects, and activities that can provide inspiration. And while Pinterest is a favorite of many these days, sometimes you need to go outside and experience the world where you live.

Recently, CSG’s design team took a couple hours to seek out a little color inspiration at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria, VA. TorpedoArt

The Torpedo Factory is a favorite place for locals and tourists to visit here in our neighborhood just outside of D.C. The Torpedo Factory inspires thousands and is a wonderful example of art taking the place of war. Founded in 1974 in an old munitions plant, it’s home to the largest collection of publicly accessible working artist studios in the U.S.

Are you ready for some football (through the eyes of a designer)?!

Thu, Jan 29, 2015
Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium

One of my favorite fall activities is watching college football! There’s a crispness in the air. You’re free to don a warm cozy hoodie bearing the name of your favorite team. Those glorious pitchers of cold beer never seem to end. Aaahh…

Being a Michigan native, we’re each born and bread to be either a University of Michigan fan or a Michigan State fan. I’m happy to be part of a household that claims U of M!

What’s in a font? Matt tells all…

Tue, Dec 16, 2014

Everything seems to eventually evolve and Web fonts are no exception, especially with the emergence of Google’s freely-available, no-restrictions font library. It’s been around for awhile now, but not everyone is aware of it.

For the longest time, text on screen all looked the same except for maybe the size, color and weight (normal or bold). It was boring, tiresome and downright uninspiring. As with print design, type is crucial to an effective campaign.

Fold Me Once, Shame On You, Fold Me 10 Times and Hit It Baby!

Fri, Mar 29, 2013

What makes for great marketing? Well a lot. But one thing that all brands need is to get attention. Breaking through the clutter is vital to get your message out. You want people to a) see your brand among the letters and brochures in their hands, b) recognize your brand and hopefully smile because they like you so much already and c) stop and look at your mail piece and be intrigued enough to say, “I’m going to open this!”